Robert C. Ectman For Governor

Hello fellow Arizonans,

I am a fiscally responsible, progressive, problem-solving Democrat in the Race for Governor of Arizona. Coming from the “working-class”, living paycheck to paycheck for many years, and housing the homeless in a poor area for over two years, I understand the struggles of individuals and families living on the economic edge!

I am ready to lead and serve all the people of Arizona with honesty, trust, transparency, compassion, determination, and high ethical integrity. I am independent-minded and believe in well-organized, productive, effective, and trusted good governance.

With Democracy literally on the line, I am prepared to stand up to DEFEND DEMOCRACY and step up for the people of Arizona and America who would really benefit from what I offer… strong, authentic, principled, organizational and visionary leadership!

I am appalled by political corruption and government waste and every residue of it will be exposed and expunged under the Ectman administration! I will promote and incorporate free-market approaches, including corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and public-private partnerships, to generate NON-TAX REVENUE for our state, and make sure we use wise, cost reduction strategies when spending public funds.

I align with the Democrats on most social issues and progressive principles and bring to the table many cause-driven solutions using the power of unity, volunteerism, and public-private partnerships to address the multitude of serious problems causing untold, but mostly preventable suffering that so many Arizonans shouldn’t have to endure! Aspiring for a long time to be a more impactful philanthropist, I conceived these innovative solutions from what I estimate to be more than 10,000 hours of knowledge gathering and research I compiled over the past 18 years. For example, driven by genuine compassion, passion, and purpose, I am confident we can solve complicated social ills like homelessness and I will never rest until it becomes nonexistent! As Governor, I will have a lot more extensive research conducted and analyzed by subject matter experts on the root causes of every problem to help create comprehensive and cost-effective problem-solving plans.

Many of the top issues and actions I am passionate about include: eliminating and preventing homelessness; making major reductions in crime and gun violence; prison, criminal and juvenile justice reform; preventing recidivism; drug addiction treatment and prevention; allocating more funds for research and resources to make major improvements in child care and foster care and to greatly reduce child abuse and neglect; employing innovative community-based solutions to boost the public’s mental health literacy, awareness, and understanding, and provide effective treatments for poor mental health and mental illness; race and gender equality; legal immigration; high tech border security; improving air quality; water and environmental sustainability; climate action; affordable child care, health-care and housing; equal education and opportunity; universal preschool; increasing teachers pay; income and wealth equality; women’s right to make reproductive choices; lifting people out of poverty into the middle class; and voting rights!

I believe in human progress, purpose, destiny, and a benevolent God which I define as; the primal source of all life, love, intelligence, and wisdom; pure energy and consciousness that flows through all living things. I adhere to my morals and principles and always consider the greatest good. I strongly believe in the power of unity, cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. I believe in “love your neighbor”, civil discourse, honest debate, equity, fairness, and justice! I abhor greed, injustice, racial and gender discrimination, celebrating acts of violence, sewing discord and division, destructive hate talk, and spreading disinformation that maliciously manipulates public opinion through deception!

I have spent most of my life seeking and obtaining knowledge and learning from experience that I can effectively apply as Governor. I always had a natural adherence to a strong work ethic and will work day and night with my administration’s teams of dedicated problem-solvers and subject matter experts, civic groups and organizations, and community leaders to create and continually improve innovative solutions for Arizona’s most serious and challenging problems.

To be an effective leader a person should be practical and especially have good judgment, don’t you think? Well, I do have very good judgment due to my lifetime dedication to continuous learning, open-mindedness, self-reflection, broad personal and work experience, overcoming obstacles, and learning from mistakes. I am very flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and new facts that are discovered from research. I am able to assess situations intelligently with critical thinking, accept advice, improvise if necessary, and change my course of action if a better one is presented. I objectively look at all sides of an issue and alternate points of view to make wise decisions.

Because I have always been able to build strong personal relationships and have a wide range of work experience over my lifetime working with people from all walks of life, I have developed a high emotional IQ, leadership and negotiation skills, the ability to persuade people (with detailed facts), and the capability to achieve bold goals by driving results with effective teamwork, that will help me serve well the people of Arizona as Governor.

To encapsulate more attributes I possess that would make me an effective and competent leader to govern the State of Arizona, I would describe myself as a kind and compassionate good guy, philanthropist, and pro-active problem-solver who is honest; authentic; confident; creative; innovative; principled, and purpose-driven with high ethical integrity; and when warranted I am very assertive and tough-as-nails! Like I will be on the campaign trail sounding the alarm to DEFEND OUR DEMOCRACY and the urgency for CLIMATE ACTION!

I believe the Democratic Party, who is at least trying to protect our Democracy and mitigate the threat of Climate Change, must achieve a landslide victory in the midterm elections against the Republican Party at all costs! The Republican Party is existential threat because they deny, downplay, or ignore the mountain of irrefutable evidence from Earth-orbiting satellites, new technological advances and earth surface observations that Climate Change is definitely due to human activity and a dire threat to humanity! (read here from NASA) The Republicans are also a threat to our Democracy by being obviously and blatantly anti-democratic using the authoritarian playbook by not accepting proven legitimate election results and limiting ACCESS TO VOTING here and across the country! “The Republican Party has embraced an agenda that rigs the rules in their favor”… be aware to the danger to our Democracy! (read here)

It’s disgraceful that, unlike my fellow Democrats, the Republicans don’t offer any solutions that will reduce the huge economic costs and severe human suffering caused by many terrible social problems, including the dramatic rise in income inequality and gun violence! What we do know is the Republican’s policies are deeply unpopular… “tax breaks for the wealthy, weaker social-insurance programs that families depend on, weaker gun laws, and a systemic effort to roll back the clock on reproductive rights, voting rights, civil rights, and environmental protections.!” (quote reference here)

To their ultimate shame, the Republicans tried relentlessly to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement ready that, very likely, would have thrown our whole healthcare system into chaos! About 30 million of our fellow Americans would loose their health insurance, many because they have a pre-existing condition that was protected by the ACA! Worse, morally reprehensible, totally irresponsible and lacking a shred of compassion is that they tried to do this right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic which would have caused unimaginable havoc and even more economic pain and tragic deaths!

Despicably, with violence in our country rising, nearly all of the Republicans in the House of Representatives a few months ago in November, if you didn’t know, chose not to condemn our Arizona state Rep. Paul Gosar in a censure vote, with 207 of 209 VOTING NO for posting a doctored animation video on social media depicting Gosar killing a fellow colleague, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which could be interpreted as a death threat, and then going on to attack President Biden! (read here) In stark contrast, on the moral high ground, all 221 Democrats VOTED YES for censure doing their duty and the right thing for America, but sadly I don’t see them getting much public credit for it.

Please help me become a contender in this race for Governor and together we will Defend Democracy, Defeat Authoritarianism and Unite Arizonans to cooperate and collaborate in a life and death effort to save lives from homelessness, suicide, gun violence, opioid overdose and other preventable death, solve our society’s other serious social ills, and help my administration, who will work with the utmost diligence and determination, to build back better from the bottom up a society of cause-driven purpose, inclusiveness, fairness, equally, and justice!

It will also be a top priority as your Governor, working in collaboration with purpose-driven people, public service groups and community leaders, to greatly improve the quality of life for all Arizonans struggling just to meet their basic human needs, prioritizing families with children first. I will ask all of you who are doing well, if you choose me as your leader, to help me and my administration in this noble mission.

Together in a massive, public-private collective action, employing the best practices and principles of effective Coalition-Building and Organizational Leadership, we will create good paying job opportunities and devise strategic plans to obtain the funds and resources needed to uplift all the people in poor and under-resourced communities across Arizona, so everyone there has the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive!

My Pledge and Promise to Arizonans

I promise to be a Governor you can always trust to tell the truth; to be a true public servant, to always do what is best for the people of Arizona, and never, ever take actions that compromise the public good for personal or political gain!

My administration will be committed to manage and organize our state of Arizona’s collective affairs more wisely and transparently by adopting and applying the principles of the proven most effective and inclusive leadership methods and philosophies. We will use, with tenacious resolve, the best practices of Moral and Ethical; Servant; Collaborative; Organizational; Inspirational; and Transformational Leadership; and the Six Pillars of Leadership Excellence to greatly improve our state government’s productivity, efficiency and problem-solving effectiveness!

I will assemble for my administration the most qualified, talented, and diverse organization of people and problem solvers. We will organize these brilliant men and women into a multitude of consensus and results-oriented teams, groups, committees, think tanks, and task forces to help me achieve my bold and forward-looking goals to unite and improve Arizona!

Ectman Administration’s Agenda Priorities

I am ready, as your Governor, to lead and usher in a new era of state unity, public participation, mass volunteerism, community service, cooperation and collaboration. Together, with steadfast dedication and purpose, we will endeavor to achieve social, economic, water and environmental sustainability and make Arizona THE WORLD LEADER in research and development, innovation, and economic growth!

The Ectman Administration will launch the MISSON IMPROVE ARIZONA (MIA) initiative with comprehensive and cutting-edge research to discover and create innovative solutions that will propel Arizona from the bottom to the top rankings in pre-K to 12 education; student proficiency in math and reading; pupil-teacher ratio; high school graduation rates; health-care access; public health funding; public safety; economic opportunity; racial and gender equality; home affordability; and air and water quality.

We will implement bold community development and wealth-building plans in every under-resourced community across Arizona which include making large investments in proven upward mobility programs and human capital while optimizing learning, skills enhancement, innovative training, and workforce development programs. This will raise workers’ productivity and increase wages consistently as engines for creating high-paying jobs and a faster-growing, more dynamic, economy.

In collaboration, again with purpose-driven people, public service groups and community leaders, my administration will help Arizonans rebuild connections with each other, accept and embrace our differences, and help co-create a positive cultural foundation in Arizona. My goal as a moral leader is to foster a new social paradigm of Love and Kindness, Truth and Trust, Civility and Decency, Unity and Community, Transparency and Accountability, and Peace and Prosperity!