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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s my story and how I acquired the experience, skills, confidence, fortitude and leadership abilities that I believe are essential qualities to be an effective Governor of Arizona.

My desire to be a philanthropist began soon after seeing all the homeless people in my neighborhood. In my spare time I learned how to start a charity and eventually created the House the Homelessness Fund which later became part of the larger scaled non-profit organization I named the Save Our Society (SOS)-Fund. I wanted to raise money to lift individuals and families out of homelessness and rescue those at risk before they experienced the pain and suffering of homelessness!

My research made it clear that it takes more money and resources to get people off the streets and back into housing than it is to prevent them from becoming homelessness in the first place. I was in the process of getting the charity organized when an emergency situation came right to my door and I had to spring into action prematurely.  

I will never forget that fateful day… my neighbor in the same apartment/condo complex, who I had briefly told about my SOS-Fund a week earlier, knocked on my door with an eviction notice. It was the mom from a family of four with two young children, 4 and 2 years old. It was very serious, words can’t convey the dire situation… she was terrified and panicking hysterically because they had nowhere else to go!

I calmed her down, told her not to worry, that the SOS-Fund would raise the money to pay their rent. With support from me, churches, and friends the SOS-Fund supported them as the only beneficiary for a while, but it wasn’t sustainable, so I let them move into my condo’s spare bedroom. They never went homeless and after living with me for about a year they moved out of state to live with family.

After they left others in my troubled neighborhood saw what I did for that family and my condo became the SOS homeless shelter. I did what I could for the next two years and although it wasn’t easy, I gained self-insight, mental and emotional strength, and courage by going through the challenge and adversity of having to deal with many difficult situations, drug addiction, and various conflicting personalities.

Unfortunately after two years of struggling the time came when I couldn’t afford to house the homelessness anymore. I began a quest for knowledge. I really wanted to be a more impactful, full-time philanthropist and use my God-given skills and talents to do great things for our society, so I kept reading, learning and acquiring information to fully understand the big challenges Arizonans face and how to solve them.

I worked diligently as much as I could in my limited spare time. After many years of conducting literally thousands of hours of research continued self-introspection and overcoming my own personal challenges life had dealt me, my mission began coming into focus as I discovered the inner strength and confidence I possess to be a leader!

I was very troubled after discovering how many dire issues there were other than the tragedy of homelessness. I was learning about serious problems like extreme poverty; crime and gun violence; injustice; drug abuse and addiction; child abuse and neglect; a terribly flawed child welfare and foster care system; lack of affordable child care, healthcare, and housing; the inequities in our criminal justice and educational system; and sadly so many others! The question for me was, what can I do to help solve these problems on a mass scale and end all this human suffering here in Arizona and across our country?

I turned the culmination of all the information I acquired into a comprehensive plan to mobilize and organize the human resources necessary to establish and lead a statewide and ultimately nationwide social movement I called Doers for Good Society (DFGS)with bold, large-scale philanthropic goals.

I was ready to initiate the DFGS Social Movement, I later renamed the United We Thrive (UWT) Social Movement, but my plans changed after I was compelled during the Trump Presidency to dive deep into politics. I delayed the movements launch to gather more information, which a study of current events and political dialog offered a lot of, until I came up with a final plan forward.

I eventually realized that through political power was the most effective means to implement my forward-looking plans to solve the problems that are causing so much human misery and launch the UWT Social Movement for a UNIFIED ARIZONA!  Millions of Arizonans exploding into action… volunteering, creating and innovating at record levels under my and my administration’s organizational leadership could solve the host of problems listed above and more and create opportunities for all. This is why I’m running for Governor of Arizona.


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